How To Have The Confidence To Do Anything, Even Go To The Moon

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Man on the moon confidence

How to have the confidence to do anything, even go to the moon.

There are 2 steps to achieving total self-confidence, and once you know them, your obstacles will become opportunities. You will be seen as a leader, someone inspiring.

Having self-confidence is simple.

What’s hard is going to the moon. JFK thankfully had a mission as President, and it was to get a man on the moon. He inspired 25,000 Ph.D.’s to act and create something that didn’t even exist in less than a decade, ultimately succeeding in the name of Mankind.

Even though the people who built the rocket ship had to have the confidence to do so, the people flying the ship had to be on another level.

The astronauts had a big challenge. To have the confidence to get into a spaceship and land it on the moon.

If they were like most people, they would have failed due to sheer panic and a drop in self- confidence. This means death when you’re thousands of miles into space.

But the astronauts were not like most people; they had executed on two steps that prepared them for the journey of a thousand miles. That prepared them to plant the American flag on the moon. That prepared them to have the confidence they needed when NASA called.

The first step, they knew to take, was to build upon small wins.

At the core of confidence is this understanding: small wins over time, build the self-confidence of any human, including astronauts. Small wins for them were:
Getting plenty of sleep
Exercising regularly
Keeping their heart rates down during stimulation
Clear communication between commanders
Cool headedness under pressure
Starving their distractions, and feeding their focus

Because they set themselves up to achieve small wins daily, they could implement step two: Calling up the feelings associated with the small wins.

They remembered what it felt like to achieve a successful simulation, and forgot everything else.

They forgot about all the times they failed. They didn’t dwell on the past and let those mistakes decide their future. They only remembered the small wins, the daily victories, the successes that would eventually lead to a footprint on the moon.

Now if you want to do something big, achieve a goal, an income, or freedom, you can make the same training choices the astronauts did.

You can either have confidence in your life, by following two steps, or you can live without it.. without the things you want in your life.

It’s your choice.

And if you do decide that you want real confidence then let me ask you.

How can you set yourself up to achieve small wins?

Can you talk to that girl or guy that you want to get to know? Could you make those sales calls, be productive for an hour, go to the gym and crush a workout?

Because when you do achieve a small win, it will feel great. That feeling of achievement will then be easy for you to remember, resulting in confidence.

The confidence you need to succeed, to go the moon, to take the next step on your journey, it comes from small wins and remembering what they felt like.

Be Confident, Be Rare.

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