What Investors Want To Tell You About Your Pitch But Can’t

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Since we’re all about helping entrepreneurs succeed, here are 5 quick tips when presenting your pitch to potential investors.

Start with Why

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

-Simon Sinek

Why have you started this business venture? Were you a consumer who experienced a lack in the market so you created what you needed? Are you driven to make a change? If you have a personal story that can be incorporated into your startup, tell it.

Storytelling gives your audience or investors a background on who you are and your character type. Many investors want to know whoever they are investing into have values they resonate with. Secondly, it gives people a chance to relate to you. If you see heads nodding during your story, that’s a great sign that people are picking up what you’re putting down. Start with why and remember “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

Don’t Drag On and On, Be Laser Focused
Explain the key points with laser focus. Don’t get hung up on meaningless information. Be precise and clear. What is your exact product or service? How does it differentiate itself from its competitors? Who is your target audience? How do they find and pay you? What is your revenue model? What are your sales and profit numbers?

Respect the time you are given and use it wisely by getting straight to the point with clear cut answers.

Practice on Camera and In Front of Others
Yes, practicing your pitch is critical. We all know we should practice but how do you practice? It’s not enough to say it to yourself in your head. Say your pitch aloud. Record yourself pitching on your iPhone. Review it. Notice what works and what doesn’t. Another great strategy is to practice in front of your friends or family. They can pick up on things like if you are missing crucial points, being your natural self, and notice if your body language is off.

Be Enthusiastic And Have A Strong Close
This is your time to shine. All eyes are on you to see what it is you’re putting all your hard work, free time, and passion into. You should be proud and enthusiastic to be sharing your vision with others. Keep that state throughout your pitch, but especially at the end of your pitch. So often people lose their luster towards the end of their pitch.

They end with what can only be described as a throwaway statement that gives away all their power. People have ended a great pitch with a “So yeah.” or “That’s it”. Don’t let this happen to you. Make your last statement a powerful one that lands with your audience just like your opening story had.

After You Pitched Shut Up and Listen
Once your done with your pitch, get ready to stand back and listen. If investors or others give you feedback, value their honest opinion as a way to improve. Feedback is a critical advantage to improve your idea. The points investors give can be the golden keys you’re missing to unlock your startup’s treasure.
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Monica Adams

Monica Adams

Monica is the Director of Culture at Fownders.She loves helping people tap into their full potential so they can live the life they've always imagined.
Monica Adams