Meet Fownders Inaugural “Seed to Scale” Cohert On Demo Day

Last night was FOWNDERS’ demo day which was in collaboration with Equal Space at 2 Gateway Center. In three short months, the startups have made incredible progress and we were excited to see them shine during their pitches.

Jade Jordan pitched her empowering alarm clock app Arize Alarm. If you need to lose your habit of hitting snooze and want to wake up with power within be sure to sign up to be the first to download her app when it launches early 2017.

Nestor Velez also stepped up to the stage pitching Sanomind. An On-demand mental health wellness platform that provides audio content created by licensed mental health professionals. He unveiled a new partnership with the city, to allow Sanomind to be used in the city’s clinics to increase mental health and resilience.

Jabari Sillis and Jerome Myers are co-founders of YOUII app. The first ever subscription based ride sharing app exclusively for university students. They’re launching on Rutgers campus in 2017.

Will Esposito the co-founder of Hypelite did an outstanding job pitching his organization. Through Hypelite, Will has created opportunities for students to unlock their passion and discover their purpose.

We encourage you to check out these platforms, join their newsletters and be an early adopter. Support these entrepreneurs. We know they’re bound for success as they hit the market come 2017. Be part of this movement for social impact.

These are only a few members of the Fownders Family, so we want to give a huge congratulations to all the graduates of the Seed To Scale Program at FOWNDERS!
If you have a startup and are ready to take it to the next level. Apply to Fownders today, the Spring 2017 application deadline is 1/13/17.



Fownders is a social impact accelerator based in New Jersey.