The Art of Code – Competitive Coding for Self-Fulfillment and Expression

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Do you think code can be expressive and self-fulfilling? Can code make Art? If you think it can, prove it!

Two person teams can compete for a $200 cash prize by developing a project that is entirely visually or textually creative and makes an expressive and/or meaningful statement. Be it a project that pulls information from today’s news outlets to expose and express some truth about mass media, or a data visualization program that’s beautiful or thought provoking – all ideas are welcome.

Once the time runs out, each team will present their work within two minutes of each other so the the audience can judge which project has earned the prize. Feel free to bring your friends and family so they can watch you drop the mic with your mad coding skills and brilliant ideas!


  1. Projects can be done in any language and platform (including iOS / Android / JavaScript). The only requirement is that the project must be coded in a Turing Complete programming language.
  2. You can bring a plan and any digital media you and your partner have prepared ahead of time, but ALL CODING MUST BE DONE AT THE COMPETITION.
  3. Teams must consist of no more than two people.
  4. You have 3-5 hours to code your project.
  5. There are potentially two one-hour overtime rounds that can be voted in by all teams. If the majority of teams vote to continue, then the competition goes on.
  6. Projects are judged based on their artistic merit (visually, conceptually) and technical implementation – 5 points each for a total score of up to 10 points
  7. Projects can be in any media with code – audio, video, 3D Graphics, text, whatever.

Register now to compete because space is limited, but don’t worry if you go on the waiting list. We will have another event in January based on the demand with more prizes, a bigger location, and maybe with more notice.


Prize: $200 – Winner Take All
Date: Friday, November 4th
Time: 6PM – 1AM (Latest)
Location: FOWNDERS, 42-28 Norfolk Street, Newark, NJ 07103


6-7pm: Setup
7-10pm: Round 1
10-11pm: Overtime 1
11pm-12am: Overtime 2
Everyone is out by 1am.



Fownders is a social impact accelerator based in New Jersey.