Where Expert Entrepreneurs Can Give Back To Their “Younger Self”

Remember when you were just starting out as an entrepreneur? All those mistakes you made? How badly do you wish you could give your past the knowledge you know now. Well of course we can’t go back in time, but we can help the future business owners by sharing our wisdom.

At Fownders that’s exactly what we do. You can become a part of this mission by becoming a mentor or speaker to our accelerator’s startups.

At Fownders we pride ourselves on the quality of mentorship we dedicate to our cohorts. During our startup accelerator 12 week program, ‘Seed to Scale’ our team of professional entrepreneurs are committed to mentoring the startups accepted along with the way. Our team here offers their expertise and knowledge to their startup on a daily basis.

We also know how important it is to have outsiders perspectives. That’s why we invite other modern entrepreneurs making big waves in their designated industries to speak to our startups. Those who have accepted our invite include leaders like Lewis Howes, Peter Vjood, and Ryan Blair. And just like everyone here after entering our doors became members of the Fownders’ family.

If you’re an experienced entrepreneur with a desire to give back, consider becoming a Fownders’ mentor or speaker. Mentors commit more time and attention to an assigned startup while a speaker comes for one day and delivers a valuable and action step lesson.

Our second round of Seed to Scale begins in February, and we’re looking for other experts who are interested in mentoring or speaking to this next group of hungry entrepreneurs.

We know as a business owner you already have a busy schedule and we understand that. Our location makes it easy to commute to if you’re in the big city as we’re only one train stop away from New York City.

If you are an expert and seasoned entrepreneur looking for a way to give back and be apart of the Fownders movement, please email Brian@fownders.com

What we look for in a mentor…

We look for people who made it on their own. They took risks, learned the lessons, and kept moving forward.

They are the type of people who know their mission is more than just to feed themselves but about a bigger purpose. They are committed to the highest truth, good, and win for not only them but their clients as well.

They took advantage of our technologically advanced world and positioned themselves to use it for their advancement.

They are giving people that care about their clients and spreading their message to the masses.

They are Fownders and own their lives.

Examples of expertise we’re looking for are people in social media marketing, brand awareness, legality, marketing, website, business plans, or any knowledge you can share with a new business team.

Steve Weatherford Shares Quote of The Year “Starve Your Distractions Feed Your Focus”

Steve Weatherford is a Super Bowl XLVI Champ, fitness expert, and now an official FOWNDERS mentor. Ok maybe that won’t be what we will read in his Instagram bio, BUT we’re super pumped to have had mentorship by this living legend.

Weatherford came to Fownders and donated his time and most importantly his knowledge on how to work hard, stay focused, and remain humble in the game. Whether your “game” is entrepreneurship or fitness Weatherford is a powerful mentor that will get your hustle to the next level.

Weatherford’s key theme was all about working the hardest in your industry because often hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

I’m the hardest working person I know. I’m in the gym, I’m eating right, and I’m confident in knowing that no one is working as hard as me when it comes to fitness.

Weatherford has moved on from the Giants locker room to now creating a fitness course Armegaddeon and is heavily involved in philanthropic work through his foundation, The Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation.

How do you become the best in your industry and become hardest working person you know?

“Starve Your Distractions Feed Your Focus”

You have to be all in on your passions. Distractions are easier than ever to fall victim to because social media has created a habit of meaningless scrolling on our phones. If you want big wins you have to commit yourself to bigger practices.

Your focus is a precious commodity that can’t be replaced. You can’t lose focus and still get the best results.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day what sets us apart is what we do with those hours. Are you all in on your goals or spending more time on bad habits and distractions? Decide and commit right now to Starving Your Distractions and Feeding Your Focus.

Growth Hacking Your Social Media with Justin Wu

Justin Wu who coined the phrase hackapreneur and is the founder of Growth.ly, is the man to know when it comes to growing your social media at an exponentially faster rate. Justin has collaborated with Fortune 500 Companies like Wall Street Journal, been nominated as Key Online Influencer for CES 2017, and was a mentor for FOWNDERS this past October. He shared his expertise with Fownders on how to initiate and grow social media campaigns for your business. Here are the three takeaways if you want to grow your online presence.

“Care more about the attention of your audience not how you feel about these channels.
A key mistake made in the beginning of creating your online presence is getting caught up in how you feel about a specific channel versus putting the spotlight on your audience members. Perhaps you don’t engage with YouTube, or you don’t check Snapchat very regularly your relationship with this platforms may have you considering that they aren’t valuable to incorporate into your overall business content creation. What to remember is that it’s not about how you interact with these platforms but how your target audience does.

If you want to find more leads, customers, and fans you have to meet them where they are. If they are heavily on Instagram, you have to be there and so on and for forth for each platform. Afterall your business should be focused on your customers, and if they party on a certain platform, you better get there to join them.

Look for Opportunities For Collaboration and Takeovers
Collaborating with others who are in similar fields is a fantastic way to gain access to new communities. If a takeover strategy fits into your company culture Just Wu highly recommends trying it out.

A takeover usually last about a day or few hours. It consists of allowing another expert or influencer login access to your account (usually Snapchat or Instagram). If you can do a complete takeover trade the better.

Your audience will be happy to see that you’re connected with other experts. Bonus is that the person taking over your account has followers who will join them over onto your account allowing you to tap into their network. It’s a win-win.

Leverage What You Already Do by Stacking Context
Review your calendar. Do you have any upcoming events where you are presenting, being interviewed for a podcast, going to any conferences? Leverage any events by stacking them on social media. Talk about the events week prior and prepare the audience for it. Take photos and videos during events. Don’t miss the opportunity to document the event while it’s happening. It’s a great way to capitalize on influencial footage. Recap and repurpose the content you capture into other feeds or on your website.

BONUS TIP: Have appealing imagery
We’re all visual creatures and with social media always pushing out photos, videos, and visuals your brand and business need to have this competitive advantage. Aesthetically pleasing content is what will make your ideal customers stop their endless scrolling and stop on your image.

Wu began making infographics when he first joined Instagram. It was a tactic no one was really using at the time and got him noticed.

Do you have photography skills that capture great pictures to reflect your brand? If not check out our upcoming workshop to gain photography skills regardless of your equipment. (seriously, you can use your iPhone and still win at photography). This workshop will help you customize your own style, adds a real location shoot experience, and will set you apart in a sea of photos. Did we mention there are prizes for whoever improves the most during the class? Check out all the details here.

Of course, Justin Wu shared a ton of other golden strategies that help build your social media following. We encourage you to follow him on Snapchat and Twitter to learn more about growth hacking for your brand.

Dying to meet people like Justin Wu who will sit down with you and give you the strategy you need to take your business to the next level? You get that and more if you’re accepted to the Fownders “Seed to Scale” Program. Apply today.