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More Than An Accelerator, A Way Of Life | Fownders Culture

At Fownders we’re more than just an accelerator, we’re a way of life, a true movement. We believe in building people before building businesses. We genuinely care that everyone who walks through our doors walks out with more motivation, knowledge, and leadership to conquer their dreams. It’s not easy sharing Fownders culture through media because […]

Calling All Photographers

You know when you tunnel visioned onto your iPhone’s screen locked on a new IG account you just found. You know the kind of profile that has all the best pictures, captions, and overall theme that makes you wipe. You find yourself wishing you could have a clean profile account like them. One that resonates […]

Fownders Pulls A Plot Twist During Mannequin Challenge

We too took on the challenge, but as usual, we couldn’t just follow the crowd. As leaders, we always move one step forward when creating anything. That’s why our video has an important message within it that you NEED to hear, especially if you’re a hungry and passionate entrepreneur who wants to join a culture […]

Guess Who Has The Fastest Internet?

Guess Who Has The Fastest Internet? The City of Newark had a huge win yesterday celebrating Newark Fiber, The Fastest Cheapest Internet in the Region. Having the fastest internet in Newark reaffirms how this city is becoming the latest high-tech hub. Gerard Adams and the start-ups of FOWNDERS attended the ribbon cutting and networking event […]