Seed 2 Scale Accelerator

Educate, Inspire, and Empower the next generation of leaders

Fownders is a startup accelerator headquartered in Newark, NJ, accepting qualified businesses who have proven market fit and display modern innovation. The accepted entrepreneurs go through a proprietary 12-week programs called “Seed to Scale”. This accelerator program is exactly what we wish we had when we started out on our entrepreneurial journey.

Fownders Startup Accelerator Program NJ

Advancing the science of social innovation

Our mission is simple: innovate, develop, and scale businesses that make a measurable, meaningful positive difference in the world.

I never understood why people feared new ideas… I fear old ones.

Gerard Adams


Fownders - Social Impact Accelerator - Newark, NJ


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Fownders - Social Impact Accelerator - Newark, NJ

Training the social impact business leaders of tomorrow.

Fownders - Social Impact Accelerator - Newark, NJ

To succeed in today’s dynamic business environment, entrepreneurs need the skills, expertise, and intellectual sophistication to understand the complex interconnections between society, industry, markets, politics, arts, and culture. Unfortunately, these strategic, operational, and leadership skills are not learned in traditional classrooms.

Fownders - Social Impact Accelerator - Newark, NJ

Our programs provide opportunities to develop, test, and scale sustainable solutions to today’s most pressing challenges. Through top-quality programming, communication, and engagement, Fownders enables entrepreneurs to think big, deliver impact, and improve lives.

As an impact initiative, our mission is to inspire, educate, mentor, and fund entrepreneurs with the ultimate goal of improving the economic and social well-being of communities around the world.

Through Fownders, innovative entrepreneurs are able to develop new products, access markets and consumers, and build scalable, successful companies.

Increasing the probability of success

A Culture of Entrepreneurship

By leveraging a network of industry partners, global brand leaders, mentors, and investors, Fownders offers entrepreneurs access to an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem where emerging ideas and technologies can be transformed into viable businesses.



for rapid product development

A diverse offering of programs integrating technology, innovation, and creativity.



to talent, mentors, and networks

Form critical connections through direct mentoring access, a curriculum of graduated acceleration programs, and weekly and monthly networking programs



to funding, investment, and partnerships

A broad network of prominent leaders, strategists, and executives who take personal investment in our companies.

Build Brands, not just Products

Create your startup as a true brand, leveraging the fundamentals of agency brand building, increasing resource efficiency and increasing probability of success.

Learn & Grow

Gain insight into cutting-edge innovations and forward-looking research to identify trends and identify potential market opportunities, increasing the speed in which opportunities are transformed into outcomes.

Fownders Crew

Embrace Risk and Fail Forward

In a healthy ecosystem, talent is fluid. Fownders allows startups to fold and redistribute tech talent to other teams.



As a social impact accelerator, our mission is to:


Develop the entrepreneurial capacity in Newark and other inner-city communities by bringing together the policies, structures, programs, and climate that foster entrepreneurship.


Develop enterprise zones in high-poverty areas by providing high-quality, practical education and business support to leaders of high-growth small businesses and social enterprises.


Develop different channels of outreach and programs to increase the number of entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups, raising the visibility and excitement about entrepreneurship in New Jersey.


Through Fownders, inner-city communities are able to attract talent, create opportunity, and accelerate growth.


Attract and retain entrepreneurial talent in New Jersey.


Create meaningful employment by building programs and policies that cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit.


Accelerate the formation and development of companies by lowering barriers to rapid growth and by providing access to investors, key service providers, and qualified talent.



Our corporate engagement programs connect startup ventures with global brands to help both overcome barriers to rapid growth and drive innovation.

  • A symbiotic platform pairing corporate partners with emerging startups
  • Exclusive opportunities for investment, partnership, and acquisition
  • Increased brand awareness through shared marketing and pr initiatives
  • A culture of innovation built around your brand or industry
  • Ability to develop innovation workshops with a focus on a specific niche or industry
  • Extension of current innovation initiatives


Accelerators play a key role in a startup’s success


33% of startups that raised a Series A round in 2015 went through an accelerator

Source: PitchBook


Startups that have participated in an accelerator program have raised a combined $20B in funding (since 2005)

Source: CB Insights


The combined value of startups currently operating that have participated in an accelerator program (since 2005) is $80B

Source: CB Insights


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