The Importance of Seducing Your Prospects

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Hypothetical Situation:

I speak Russian (ok, that’s not hypothetical. I do speak Russian, but stick with me here) and you don’t. I could be giving you compliments, offering you great advice, or giving you directions to the best restaurant in town.

But, it means nothing to you because you don’t understand what I’m saying. Worse, you might even think I’m insulting you.

Now, we don’t want that, right?

Well, time and time again I find copywriters taking the time to be of service to potential customers but losing them because their copy is “foreign” to their readers.

Listen, if you’re trying to make that person on the opposite end of that screen pull out their wallet,

Take out their card

Punch in their digits

And give up their hard-earned money for whatever you got,

Then you’re going to have to get good at this one thing buddy:

The Art of Seduction.

No, not in a sexual way (unless that’s the market you’re in. In that case, have at ‘em, cowboy!)

With copywriting, your goal is to seduce them into purchasing your product or service.

Disclaimer: If your product sucks, no amount of seduction or persuasion will bring you customers. In fact, all it will do is reinforce the fact that your product is garbage. Make sure you got a winner in your hands.

How do we do this? By getting on their level. By learning who they are, what they hate, what they love, and most importantly:

What they want.

Then, explaining to them why your product would make their particular life better.

How do we discover what they want?

Through a simple, two-step process:

Get hyper-clear on who your potential customer or “avatar” is. (Here’s a template)
Research, Research, Research!

You’re going to have to dive deep into their psyche.

Find out:
What is their socioeconomic status? Are they married? With kids? Where are they from? What trauma’s have they experienced? What are their deepest desires? What makes them angry? What makes them excited? What are their passions?

What is it they NEED and will be more than willing to give up their money for without a second thought?

Is it you or your product?



Now, explain to them, using THEIR language (not yours), with the thoughts and concerns going on in THEIR head (again not yours) why they need what you’re offering and how it’s going to change their life for the better.


Awesome, now go make some money!

Resource: A great book that expands on these ideas here is “Influence” written by Robert Cialdini. Read it now. Thank me later.

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