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At Fownders we’re more than just an accelerator, we’re a way of life, a true movement. We believe in building people before building businesses. We genuinely care that everyone who walks through our doors walks out with more motivation, knowledge, and leadership to conquer their dreams. It’s not easy sharing Fownders culture through media because the energy within the Fownders building is an experience best received first hand.
When Toby Dattolo, Senior Vice President, asked the Fownders team

“What does Fownders mean to you? Why are people attracted to Fownders?”

Here were a few of our answers.

“According to every single person that I’ve welcomed into Fownders, they describe it as something that they’ve never been a part of or could’ve ever imagined existing. It’s where amazing human beings fill the room with ideas and positivity. A culture that lets you relax but keeps productivity at high levels. I think that once we get someone to step inside, they automatically see the vision.”- Luis Perez, FowndersX Team

“Fownders culture is comprised of creators and hyper-disciplined executors all under one brand. A global force for evolution because the fact of the matter is, entrepreneurs, reinvent the world and Fownders empowers entrepreneurs to invent/reinvent themselves.”
– Mitch Synder, Communications Manager

“Fownders mentorship cuts the learning curve. By seeking advisement and gaining experienced entrepreneurs guidance, I feel more confident in my business. Knowing Fownders has my back and that they’re sharing the essentials to making sales, leadership in how to seize the right opportunities and the motivation to keep going even when everything seems like it’s falling apart drives me forward.”

As for me, Fownders has become my second home and family. I love coming here every day and working with brilliant minds, compassionate hearts, and purpose driven people. Everyone is down to earth, easy to get along with, and happy to share their knowledge with you so you reach your greatest potential.

This is the place where creativity is welcomed, your authentic self is embraced, and your business is taken just as seriously as if it were the next Uber- because the team honestly believes it can be.

To further understand our culture, values and mission take a look at our Credo.

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