Calling All Photographers

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You know when you tunnel visioned onto your iPhone’s screen locked on a new IG account you just found. You know the kind of profile that has all the best pictures, captions, and overall theme that makes you weep. You find yourself wishing you could have a clean profile account like them. One that resonates with all the things you love and believe in. You contemplate deleting EVERYTHING on your IG and starting fresh only to realize you have no idea how to make the profile of your dreams a reality.

Well, we have your solution.

At the heart of it, you know that the only way to get the visually stimulating personal brand your account deserves is if you have photography skills. Getting the pics that capture the scenes, the products, and the meals you want to share is going to require you to have some real skills.

Why not own your photo destiny by learning how to become a real photographer?

Fownders is hosting a 2-day workshop with our lead creative team. They’ve collectively worked on Rapper ASAP Rocky, Streetwear brand Black Pyramid, and Gerard Adams’ accounts.

During this workshop, you will learn how to upgrade your photography portfolio, understand how to use your camera ( even if it’s just an iPhone), and get amazing custom Lightroom presets to set yourself apart on social media.

The first day will consist of learning about your equipment functionalities, settings, and how to frame up before you hit *click*. The second day is all about gaining hands-on training by photographing NYC locations. All with the guidance of Fownders’ professional photographers.

The top three most improved photographers of the workshop walk away with *prizes*.

Can this workshop get any better?

If you’re ready to get more double taps than Kylie Jenner, join our workshop going down January 19th-20th.

Get Your Ticket Now.

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