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The hardest part of making your dreams a reality is getting started. If you’re constantly asking yourself “Where do I begin?” this action guide will show you how to take the first steps into entrepreneurship.

Rebecca Lima

"I would definitely recommend FOWNDERS to any entrepreneur out there."
Rebecca Lima, CEO of Ment


A FOWNDER is a purebred leader, a creative problem solver, and a free-thinking innovator who has mastered the skills needed to live each day in full alignment with their unique vision in mind. Their vision may vary within the realms of business, technology, leadership and well-being, yet the silver-lining amongst all Fownders is that they take a wholesome approach to learning, living and creating. A principle of entrepreneurship founded upon an unwavering commitment to foster wellness in mind, body and spirit.

A FOWNDER proactively and fearlessly seeks opportunities to be challenged intellectually, socially and physically because of their deep understanding that the unknown, fearful and hard-things are the only gateway to accelerated progress. Their approach is accented by a high emotional intelligence, a deep self-awareness and an enduring persistence to understand opposing viewpoints to yield an amicable conclusion that is both non-intrusive of other people’s happiness and aligned with the values that they hold so highly. And most of all, a FOWNDER OWNS their destiny and OWNS everything they do. It is a credence for only those who want to become the best version of themselves.

If you have the burning desire to become the best version of yourself and uphold the values mentioned above, then you are ready to become a Fownder.


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